About Cuba

Almost all tourists visiting Cuba, need to obtain a tourist ‘visa’ which is called the Cuban Tourist Card. The tourist card is valid for 30 days (90 days for Canadians).
Cuban Immigration will keep one half on entry and the second half on your departure. Make sure you keep it when in Cuba – you need it to leave the country. You can buy the Tourist cards for Cuba at the airport (Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean) just before check-in.

License for American Travelers:
The trip has been qualified for a legal license to travel in Cuba.
To read the US Treasury Department regulations, click here.

Travel Health Insurance:
At times, upon entering Cuba you will be asked to prove that you have a health travel insurance. If you cannot prove this, you will be asked to purchase one at the Cuban airport. The cost is $2 per day. You can try to argue that your (non american) Credit Card covers it but there is no guarantee that it will work.

You should consult with your Doctor ahead of time but you can find here some recommendations and general info.

There are 2 currencies in Cuba:
CUC – peso convertible used by tourists.
Cuban Pesos (aka Moneda Nacional) used by Cubans.
For exchange rates click here

It is best to carry Canadian Dollars (CAD) or Euros (EUR) and replace it to CUC when arriving to Cuba.
American credit cards are not accepted. You can bring and convert American dollars however the fee is 10%.

Most places have only 110V (60Hz), and some have both 110V and 220V (60Hz). Same outlets as in the US.

When you exit Cuba you will need:
25 CUC departure tax (Not included)
The second half of your Cuban Tourist Card.

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