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Ramón Ramos Alayo
Ramón Ramos Alayo is a Cuban-born dancer, teacher, choreographer and the founder and artistic director of the Alayo Dance Company and CubaCaribe. Ramos was selected by the Cuban government to study dance in Santiago de Cuba at age eleven. In 1990 he earned a masters degree in contemporary and folkloric dance and dance education from the Havana’s National School of Art. He was the principal dancer with Danza del Caribe in Santiago and Narciso Medina Contemporary Dance Company in Havana and performed in Cuba, Europe, Canada, Belize and the U.S. Since moving to California in 1997, he has performed with some of the most respected choreographers in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Robert Henry Johnson, Kim Epifano, Sara Shelton Mann, and Joanna Haigood. Ramos currently dances with Robert Moses’ Kin. He teaches Cuban popular dance, Afro-Cuban modern dance and children’s movement at several local dance studios and schools. In 2001 Ramos founded Ire Ile, an all-woman Cuban popular dance group and in 2002 founded the Alayo Dance Company. As director and choreographer, his work is an innovative fusion of Afro-Cuban modern, folkloric and popular Cuban dance. Ramos has choreographed and produced eight full-length dance performances: Anoranza de Una Epoca (1999); Mis Sueûos, Mis Ideas (2003, 2004); A Piece of White Cloth (2004, 2005); La Madre (2005); After Rain (2006); Three Threes & Traces (2007); Blood + Sugar (2008); and Three Leaders, One Idea (2009). Ramos has received grants from Cash, Zellerbach and Lef Foundations and the prestigious Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation’s “Emerging Choreographer Award”. Alayo Dance Company was featured in “Dance Across America,” published in National Geographic Magazine (2006) and Ramos was an Isadora Duncan Dance Award nominee for the ensemble performance of Los Guedes, performed at CubaCaribe Festival (2006). In 2003 Ramos co-founded and became artistic director of CubaCaribe, with the mission to preserve and promote the vibrant artistic and cultural traditions of the Caribbean and its diaspora. CubaCaribe sponsors performances such as the annual CubaCaribe Festival of Dance and Music and educational outreach programs including Cuba Camp that support and uphold Cuban and Caribbean dance, music, visual art and culture in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Moran Serr Hirsch
Moran Serr Hirsch was born and raised in Israel. She has been passionate about the Cuban culture, dance and music since she was first introduced to Cuban dance in Israel in 2005. Ever since moving to the bay area in 2008 she became further more involved and vested in the community and started working and performing at the CubaCaribe festival at 2009. Since finishing Business and law school in the IDC, Hertzelya, Moran’s career focus was on online marketing. Today Moran is concentrating on community building, graphic and web design and teaching Pilates. A big part of her life these days is promoting the love for Cuba and it’s culture through leading dance workshops in Cuba with Ramon Ramos Alayo.

2 responses to “About us

  1. Myself and a friend are looking to visit cuba. We are looking for a way to take dance classes to fulfill the educational requirements for entering the country as an American. I was wondering if you offer any sort of workshop in cuba in January 2016?
    If not any suggestions would be helpful.
    Thank you

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