In Santiago de Cuba we will be staying in the lovely colonial Hotel Libertad or one of the near hotels. Hotel Islazul Libertad is situated in the historical center of the city of Santiago de Cuba, facing the Plaza de Marte (Marte Square), which served as a parade grounds for military ceremonies and slave auctions during colonial times. Today it is the center of important social and cultural activities.
Rooms have AC, private bathroom, double bad/ twin beds, hot and cold water and breakfast is served in the hotel.

From the hotel you can access all the city’s most important spots: Heredia Street, Casa de la Trova (House of Traditional Cuban Music), various museums such as the Museum of Rum, the Carnival Museum, the Museum of Poet José María Heredia and the Ambientación Museum among others; also on the outskirts of Santiago visitors can visit and enjoy Baconao Park and the Virgin de la Caridad del Cobre (Virgin of Charity, Cuba’s Patron Saint), among other sites.

In Havana we are staying in casa particulares. Casa particular (Spanish for “private house”; plural casas particulares) is a phrase meaning private accommodation or private homestays in Cuba, very similar to bed and breakfast although it can also take the form of vacation rental.
Casas particulares have several advantages over other types of lodgings: Guests can quickly develop genuine Cuban relationships and become deeply involved in the culture of the country also they will enjoy a free and easy atmosphere, feel at home in the casa particular and will be able to invite friends over.
Rooms have AC, private bathroom, double bad/ twin beds, hot and cold water.
The casas are located in Centro Havana, walking distance to all touristic locations in Havana (Malecon, Havana Vieja, Casa de la musica, Rum and Tabaco museum and more).

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