People are saying

Jen Grimm, SF:

Traveling to an unfamiliar place, especially one surrounded by mystery such as “forbidden” Cuba, can be intimidating.  Traveling with knowledgeable hosts such as Ramon and Moran not only eased worries but also enriched the experience. Dance in Cuba is a well-organized, thoroughly planned trip that guided us with well thought-out structure yet allowed us enough flexibility to explore on our own.  Placing my travel arrangements and dance class scheduling in Moran’s capable hands allowed me to relax and get more out my time.  To share Ramon’s hometown with him, to meet teachers and students of his dance world, and to dance with them are experiences unique to this trip.  I believe everyone will enhance their Cuba adventure with Dance in Cuba, whether traveling there for first time or returning to cultivate a passion for this treasure of a place”

Cally Sommerville, SF:

JUST GO! I went on the July 2012 trip and I had an amazing time- two of the best weeks of my life in fact. Ramon and Moran are wonderful hosts. The trip was so well organized and I didn’t have to plan anything or stress out at all. I had a million questions of course and Moran was so patient with me. I’m a beginner dancer and I don’t speak Spanish. I’m fifty, from New Zealand of all places, so totally ignorant to Hispanic culture, customs, language and dance. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to cope with the heat and with the classes at my age, but it just wasn’t a problem. The classes were challenging for me, but I was able to participate, learn and enjoy myself. Not speaking Spanish was only a problem in that I missed out on understanding  explanations of the historical origins of some of the dance forms. We were so lucky to be partnered with professional dancers for our classes who were patient. lovely and a lot of fun. We saw many different music and dance performances in Santiago and Havana and I barely slept throughout the trip because it was jam-packed with activities that I did not want to miss out on. I have made strong friendships in Cuba and back here in the Bay Area within our group. Now we are a familia! The price is very generous. If you can go on this trip you will be very fortunate! My advice to you is JUST GO!”

Maresha Wagner, Oakland:
My trip with the Dance with Cuba group was a wonderful experience! Moran and Ramon were very flexible in allowing me to join the group during the second week of the program. The Dance with Cuba group was professional AND fun. I was exposed to many styles of Cuban dance and came back to the US with a new appreciation for dance and other forms of cultural expression in Cuba. This trip is a great value for everything that is included in the cost! It’s affordable, and most importantly, Moran and Ramon truly care about the well-being of their dancers/students. You couldn’t ask for a better dance experience. I can’t wait to travel with them again!
Yana Mayevskaya, SF:
Everytime someone asks me “how was your trip to Cuba?!”, I cannot help but light up and respond “phenomenal”. From the silly 14-hour bus ride to Santiago de Cuba from Havana, to the delicious home-cooked meals, everything was beautiful and special. The dance classes and dance company in Santiago de Cuba were by far the best part of the trip for me. We danced in the most beautiful open space dance studio to live drumming with great dancers. Each one of us had a Cuban partner to dance with and give us suggestions. We got to dance Rumba, Folkloric, Salsa, Son and more– but I definitely cannot forget the Reggaton Party Dance breaks at lunch :)… The great thing about going to Havana after the week in Santiago was that we got to see all the artists live of the songs we listened to there! I will definitely never forget this trip. Its been 2 months and I can still close my eyes and picture the new friends we met, the wonderful turquoise water beaches, music, dance and art everywhere, and all our late nights laughing and early mornings dancing. Thank you Cuba and thank you friends for such a wonderful trip. I will definitely return.”

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