What to bring?

Here are few things that are a little out of the ordinary and we recommend bringing:

  • Toilet paper (I always carry 1 with me in my handbag. I like the little tissue packets – easy to carry).
  • Memory cards for cameras.
  • Energy bars, Dry foods for snacking.
  • Gatorade, Emergen-c or Crystal light powder to mix w/bottled water if you’re into that
  • Any medication that you usually take/ might need to take. ( Vitamins, airborne, Migraine pills, Pain killers, Anti-diarrea med just in case, Motion Sickness…).
  • Ear plugs!
  • Feminine care – you will be able to find there, but not in good quality.
  • Small towel to bring to dance classes (we will be sweating…).
  • Long sleeves to wear on the bus (it might get cold. What you wear for the flight, might be enough).
  • Cash – Euro/ Canadian dollars.
  • Copy of passport to carry with you when going out at night.
  • Safety pins.
  • Bandaids and blister-aid bandaids, antibacterial like Neosporin.
  • Sunglasses: 2 pairs – can’t buy quality ones there, backup regular glasses of course.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Wet wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Quick-dry towel for the beach (not mandatory, but I bring a light one with me).
  • Batteries, if you need for something you use.
  • Mosquitoes repellent – small one.

Good presents to bring to people:

  • Old clothes.
  • Cosmetics.
  • CDs of American music.
  • Perfumes/ makeup samples.
  • Puzzles/ Drawing books/ Colors for kids.
  • Old/ New Electronics (computer related, old cell phones)
  • Chocolates 🙂
  • Magazines in Spanish
  • Any SF related souvenir (T-shirts, hats, scarves etc)


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